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About Mabo Lanc
A casual kinship on the Landroval server

So, what is Mabo Lanc about?

We are the type of kinship who see the game as a fun journey rather than a race to the end. We not only laugh in the face of danger, but also turn around, drop our pants and moon at it because we're just too old to be scared of a wuss like that! There are times when some of us just have to go AFK because little Johnny is trying to mop up his spilt juice with the cat.

We're not the Leetest of the Leet, nor are we drama queens (or kings for that matter), power-levelers or control freaks. We just want to have fun, with people who also want to have fun. We have only three rules: 1. Have Fun, 2. Respect others, 3. See Rule number 1.

We help each other, whether it be a quest or crafting. We have no expectations other than our fellow members follow rules 1-3. All playstyles are welcome, although power gamers will probably find us not to their liking. We are the tortoise, not the hare. We have lives, and understand that you do, too. We understand that sometimes you would rather just go kill stuff on your own, but we are also glad when you want to come and kill stuff with us. We don't expect you to drop everything to come and help us 'now', and are always happy to wait until you, or someone else can.

Recruiting Policy

Since we are comfortable with our current membership, with no real need to go recruiting, we do not openly recruit. However, our doors are open, well slightly, well actually they're more ajar than open, if you know what I mean.

So, since one doesn't simply walk into Mabo Lanc, how do you get in? The easy answer is by getting to know us. Talk to us, post an intro on our forum (that part is essential), group with us, so we can see what a marvelous individual you are.


What are our requirements? Just that you be a good fit for the kinship as a whole. You need to be mature, at least age-wise. We are currently not accepting anyone under the age of 30, (the majority of the kinship is 30+ with a lot being 40+). You need to have a good sense of humour, and not mind being teased now and then, especially when you do something tease-worthy.

We are not looking for particular classes. We would rather have a kinship full of hunters with great personalities, than have the right amount of every class and risk inviting someone who is not a good fit simply because they play a class we are short of.

We are not looking for anyone with a particular playstyle. We have people who like to mostly craft, people who like to mostly adventure, and everything in between. Everyone levels at their own pace. Whatever floats your boat is fine with us, as long as you respect everyone else's playstyle.

We are NOT looking for drama queens/kings. In fact, anyone allowing the drama llama in will be drummed out in short order. None of that nonsense here, by golly!

We are not looking for anyone at all really, but should you find us, our door will be slightly ajar *Wink*

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